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The moment I learned letters formed words, I fell in love with reading. I will read anything as long as it peaks my interest, but my preference and love will always be romance. For so long I considered the idea of writing my own books, only I procrastinated by moving it to the back burner multiple times. Then one day out of the blue I had an “aha moment,” there truly was not any real reason not to publish except for fear no one would enjoy my writing. Once I got past that fear by thinking positive, I went ahead and fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing my own romance novel.
Starting out, I never intended to write in different genres, it just happened that way; nonetheless, the common element that combines all my books is the relationship aspect, and that is why I consider myself a romance author. It’s nice having the freedom to change things up and not concentrate on just one genre.
My first book was Trial of Marriage (TOM Series), an interracial romance published in 2012. I did a re-edit of the story, republishing it on April 30, 2014. I followed it with – Trial of Marriage 2: Sacrifices – it was published on May 30, 2014. My next writing was a vampire themed romance, Eternal Existence. It was published in 2013. Currently I’m re-editing an interracial novel I wrote called Love vs. Career.
I work a full-time job, and that combined with being a wife and mom, can be pretty hectic when it comes to finding quality writing time, but I make it work. The posts on my blog mainly consist of sharing helpful hints for new authors, reviews of books I have read, updates about my writing, along with a few miscellaneous topics from time to time.
For me, every day is a precious gift, and I’m enjoying it by being free to write about what I’m passionate about. Thanks for taking time to visit, and I hope you enjoy my blog.

R. Lynn



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